Blogging My Book: Free Design Research Tool!

Although my employment days are long gone, some things haven’t changed. One of them is the recipient of my Most Inspiring Coworker Award. Still goes to a lady named Liz. I met Liz at a Tucson-based fundraising organization. She was the computer system administrator, and I worked in the publicity and publications office. Liz wasn’t…

Blogging My Book: After Editing

Now that the editor is finished with my book manuscript, what am I doing? Here’s a process-oriented post to explain. First agenda item is to review the editor’s feedback. She’s a real stickler for grammar, punctuation, and small, easy-to-miss items like extra spaces between words and sentences. Color me impressed – I’m more of a…

Blogging My Book: Buyer Personas, Part 2

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m planning on selling my book online. So, I just completed Startup Tucson’s eCommerce Masterclass. Among other things, the instructors assigned me the task of creating buyer personas. As I see it, a buyer persona is a brief sketch of a potential book purchaser. These personas will guide what…

Blogging My Book: Teamwork

Three posts ago, I talked about the process of marrying my book’s words with the pictures. I’m pleased to report that they’re officially married and off on their honeymoon. Where are they spending it? At the editor’s office. You’ve met the editor before – last October, I introduced you to her. As mentioned previously, she…

Blogging My Book: Summiting Photo Selection Mountain

Just finished meeting with my mentor, and hark! She helped me summit Photo Selection Mountain. Let me tell you, the view from this peak is amazing. In my previous post, I said that I didn’t think that our photo selection process would take more than an hour. Wrong. During previous meetings of this type, I…

Blogging My Book: Nature Delights

Here’s the thing about urban birds: They seize our built environment and use it for their own purposes. Fence tops, utility poles, overhead wires, and electrical equipment, they’re all fair game. In 2018, I had rooftop solar installed, and I’m pleased to report that my grid-connected 1.7-kilowatt solar electric system generates 150-400 kilowatt-hours a month….

Blogging My Book: Nature Nourishes

NOTE: This post features the second of the three themes of my forthcoming book. I covered the first theme, Nature and the Built Environment, last week. Here’s the answer to the question that’s on every desert gardener’s mind: How do you water it? My gardening water comes from three sources: Our local utility, Tucson Water….

Blogging My Book: Nature and the Built Environment

During the past couple of decades, I’ve learned a lot about water harvesting and landscaping in an arid environment. In my forthcoming book, I’ll share key insights with you. Here’s a preview: Xeriscaping 101 My initial foray into water harvesting was motivated by a desire to save on the water bill more than anything else….

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