Blogging My Book: Nature Delights

Here’s the thing about urban birds: They seize our built environment and use it for their own purposes. Fence tops, utility poles, overhead wires, and electrical equipment, they’re all fair game. In 2018, I had rooftop solar installed, and I’m pleased to report that my grid-connected 1.7-kilowatt solar electric system generates 150-400 kilowatt-hours a month….

Blogging My Book: Nature Nourishes

NOTE: This post features the second of the three themes of my forthcoming book. I covered the first theme, Nature and the Built Environment, last week. Here’s the answer to the question that’s on every desert gardener’s mind: How do you water it? My gardening water comes from three sources: Our local utility, Tucson Water….

Blogging My Book: Nature and the Built Environment

During the past couple of decades, I’ve learned a lot about water harvesting and landscaping in an arid environment. In my forthcoming book, I’ll share key insights with you. Here’s a preview: Xeriscaping 101 My initial foray into water harvesting was motivated by a desire to save on the water bill more than anything else….

Blogging My Book: Getting the Words Right

During a 1958 interview with George Plimpton, Ernest Hemingway talked about writing — and rewriting. Plimpton asked Hemingway about the amount of rewriting he did, and Hemingway replied, “It depends.” Hemingway went on to explain that he took the ending of A Farewell to Arms through 39 rewrites before he was satisfied. What was the…

Open Studio Tours Online

On Saturday, December 5, I participated in the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona’s Open Studio Tours Online. During my 30-minute presentation, I showed examples of my work in three genres: Nature photography Bicycle photography Construction photography I also offered examples of one of my side projects — upcycling. That’s the process of re-purposing…

Event Photography: Looking Back

After the middle of March, Tucson’s event calendar imploded. Iconic local events cancelled right and left. Will they be back in the fall? Or next spring? No one knows. I’ll repeat what has been said elsewhere and say that the Coronavirus is in charge. Let’s take a moment to look back on events that happened…

Tucson Home Renovation: Lessons Learned

This post summarizes five lessons learned during the renovation of my 1956-vintage home in Tucson, Arizona. The renovation project began in spring 2017 and ended in fall 2019. Lesson #1: Add “Project Manager” To Your Resume Doesn’t matter what your day job is. If you’re having your house fixed up, the project manager will be…

Bicycle Photography: El Tour de Tucson 2019

November 23 was one of those days that cyclists dream about. Warm, sunny, and delightfully lacking in headwinds that could slow you down — and get you down. For me, it was a great day for a bike-tographic expedition to the last mile of El Tour de Tucson 2019. The 100-mile race winner, Ulises Alfredo…

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