A Copywriter’s Fan Letter

This copywriter has a new ride, Bicycle Blue. I bought Blue back in May, and we just finished our first 1,000 miles.

During the week, Blue gets me to and from work. We also go out and play on weekends.

Now, you may be wondering about that reference to work. Does this mean that I’ve taken a job?

Short answer: No.

The longer — and more complete — explanation goes like this: I am a member of Connect Coworking in Downtown Tucson.

Which means that I get to interact with entrepreneurially minded people during the workday. And I commute by bike. How cool is that?

Here’s another cool thing: Connect is hosting my 2016 Bike-tography Show. Stop in and I’ll tell you about the art of combining bicycling with photography.

There are times when work draws me away from Connect. Nothing like riding to the assignment!

If the job includes photography, no problem. Bicycle Blue is a great equipment carrier.

Here are three recent examples of writing and photography done for the University of Arizona College of Engineering:

  1. The Joys of Engineering at Design Day 2016
  2. Avoiding Feeding Tube Misplacement
  3. Detecting Air Contamination at 30,000 Feet

Something else that’s really cool: If you’re a pedaling UA vendor like me, or if you’re a student or employee who bikes to campus, you can enjoy valet parking. All you have to do is sign up for a free parking sticker.

Want to see what I can write for you?

Visit my services page. You can also view work samples in my portfolio.

To get started on your copywriting project, give me a call at 520-690-1888 or send an e-mail.

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