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Martha Retallick is a Tucson-based documentary photographer and journalist.

She’s drawn to documentation projects that feature people in action. They’re building and renovating houses, creating or improving landscapes, and making and fixing things. Or they’re celebrating life passages like weddings, exhibiting vintage cars, competing in bicycle races, or just pedaling around town.

In addition to documentation, Martha enjoys photographing nature. She’s currently working on a book that features the best of her nature photography. You can track the book’s progress by subscribing to her monthly newsletter.

New book coming soon!

A Whole Earth Catalog for our time, this book addresses all the important things: food, water, cookies, flowers, bees, and bicycles. Part practical guide, part personal diary, many parts gorgeous coffee table book, City Nature is for anyone looking to learn how to be a better steward of one’s own backyard, as well as a visual celebration of what grows from dirt when we take the time to nurture it. A must for the preservation of our dwindling resources, presented with positivity and
clear instructions!

– Carrie Seid, Artist and Creativity Consultant


From construction project documentation to weather monitoring, nature photography to language learning, and engineering research to low-cost landscaping, Martha Retallick’s diverse interests are on display here.

Documenting Construction

This is what happens when you buy a house that needs a lot of work…

The Accidental Birder

Doves teach me how to photograph birds.

Documenting My Yard

Gaining photography skills by focusing up close on backyard magic…


What will you find in Martha’s eclectic blog? Just about anything! She started blogging in 2007 and still hasn’t run out of things to write about.

Here are the latest posts:

Blogging My Book: On Press

Blogging My Book: On Press

While I was designing my book, I also was dreaming of Press Day. On that magical day, presses would roll, and, a few hours later, large stacks of paper would result. Those stacks of paper would then be bound into finished copies of City Nature.…
Blogging My Book: Forming a Winning Team

Blogging My Book: Forming a Winning Team

My forthcoming book, City Nature, is a self-publishing project, and I’ve been involved in self-publishing since the mid-1980s. I know that if you want to win this game, you need a team. The team goal? Make City Nature the best book it can be. So,…


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