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Bicycle Photography: El Tour de Tucson 2010

This past Saturday was a bike-tography extravaganza for Yours Truly. The 28th annual El Tour de Tucson drew me and my camera to the Downtown finish line for some photographic fun.

First, the anticipation. The top finishers hadn’t arrived yet. But Tucson’s tifosi were waiting for them…

Bicycle photography - Spectators awaiting the top finishers at the 2010 El Tour de Tucson

The 109-mile race was won by Eric Marcotte, a 30-year-old chiropractor from Phoenix. He edged out another 30-year-old, Hector Rangel of Hermosillo, Sonora.

Eric and Hector were followed by, well, a lot of people…

Bicycle photography - Pack of racers finishing behind the winner of the 2010 El Tour de Tucson

Throughout the rest of the day and into the evening, the 6,400-plus El Tour finishers poured into Downtown Tucson.

As they rounded the final corner, they were glad to be done…

Bicycle photography - Finisher rounding the final corner of the 2010 El Tour de Tucson

True confession: I can’t shoot an event like El Tour without indulging in some photographic artsiness. So, here it is…

Bicycle photography - Riders and shadows in the 2010 El Tour de Tucson

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