Bicycle Photography

Bicycle Photography: The Art Bike

My “No Gas” photo print has made the bigtime! It’s in today’s “Arts Speak” show at the Tucson Museum of Art.

Here are the specs: Archival-quality 19.5” x 29” Giclée print in 38.5” x 29” frame.

Which begs the question: How do you transport something that big when you don’t have a car? Meet the Art Bike…

Bicycle photography - The Art Bike in Tucson, Arizona

The ride to the art museum was nerve-wracking. I went extra-slow over some very rough streets. Fortunately, I missed all the potholes. But every bump made me cringe.

After arriving at the museum, it was time to hang the art, leave some informational flyers, then leave so I could get back to work. I’ll be retrieving “No Gas” this evening.

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