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Bicycle Photography: The Pedaling Arborist

Being the owner of a middle-aged house that I’m slowly fixing up, I’ve had the need for more than a few tradesmen and women. Many of them have arrived in huge pickup trucks.

Imagine my surprise when I heard about a local arborist who plies his trade by bicycle. Time to do something about that mesquite tree in the front yard. Thing’s developed a much too cozy relationship with the house. Whenever the wind blows, the tree branches lovingly caress my roof. Sounds like a haunted house in here.

An e-mail to Aleck MacKinnon, The Pedaling Arborist, resulted in a on-site consultation and a very reasonable estimate. So, we scheduled a haircut date for the mesquite tree.

Aleck’s company bicycle is a sturdy tandem that he and his wife have ridden from Tucson to Vancouver, British Columbia…

Bicycle photography - Pedaling Arborist tandem bike with tree trimming tools

Here’s Aleck, taming my unruly mesquite. This tree has huge thorns, which makes a tree trimming job all the more challenging. And I speak from personal experience when I say that wearing a hard hat is a very good idea. I’ve been poked in the head by this tree…

Bicycle photography - Pedaling Arborist trimming mesquite tree

After the excess branches were removed, I had Aleck pile them in one of my water harvesting basins. This basin could use a bit more mulch, and the leaves from those branches will more than suffice.

The branch pile will serve as a winter refuge for birds and lizards. In the spring, I’ll use those branches for other projects around the yard…

Bicycle photography - Pedaling Arborist cutting mesquite branches for mulch pile

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