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Bicycle Photography: Tucson Bike Fest 2013

Ahhh, April in Tucson. Time once again for our city’s annual Bike Fest. Which motivates Yours Truly to go on bike-tographic expeditions to all sorts of cool events.

Let’s start with Cyclovia Tucson. Did you know that there are two them this month? The first was on Sunday, April 7.

Believe me, getting a photo with just one rider in it was a challenge…

Bicycle photography - Cyclovia Tucson rider passing mural on 4th Avenue

Why was it a challenge? Because Cyclovia attracted more than 10,000 riders, that’s why!

Next Cyclovia’s on April 28. Be there.

Want a new bike? A used bike? Need to clean out your shed or garage? Head Downtown to the Bicycle Swap Meet!

It’s a magnet for all things bicycle. And, hey, if you have some used bikes to sell, why not bring them to the swap in a vintage truck?

Bicycle photography - Vintage truck and used bikes at the Bicycle Swap Meet

The man in the blue shirt is the truck’s owner. He told me that he did the restoration work, and he described the truck as “the last of the Mohicans.”

Tip: Visit my Bicycle Stock Images site to view more Cyclovia Tucson and Bicycle Swap Meet photos.

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