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Bike-tography at the Bicycle Races

My previous post described this past Saturday’s UA Criterium bicycle race on the University of Arizona campus. This post is about the logistics of getting one’s photo gear to and from such an event.

As mentioned before, I get around by bicycle. Which means that all of the photo gear goes with me on the bike.

Since you’re rather exposed on a bicycle, you need to protect your camera equipment. You could do it this way, and I have…

Bicycle Photography - Padded envelope doubles as an on-bicycle camera bag

Only problem with this system is that if you fall to your left — or if your bike tips over — that padded envelope may not cushion your camera. Talk about an expensive mishap.

Plan B: Get that camera up higher and into a padded case like this one. It’s a rear rack pack manufactured by Jandd…

Bicycle Photography - Jandd rear rack pack can be used for carrying a camera

I’ve found this to be a very roomy pack. To the point where I can augment the Jandd cushioning with the aforementioned padded envelope.

In some circles, packs like this are called 6-pack carriers because that’s what their owners like to use them for. But let’s save the liquid refreshments for after the photo shoot. We’ve got work to do. And one of the things we’ll need to concentrate on is safely navigating the course while the competitors are racing around.

Tip: Do what I did and use the sidewalk as your road. I found that most of the UA Criterium course was devoid of spectators. When I encountered spectators on the sidewalk, I just got off the bike and walked it around them. I also used the empty parking lots for shortcuts from one shooting venue to another.

In a future post, I’ll cover how you can bicycle with your camera while keeping the camera — and your riding — steady.

Bonus Tip: Enjoy more bike-tography at my Bicycle Stock Images site.

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