Blogging My Book: Class is in Session

In my last post, I introduced my living room design studio. While I’ve been ensconced on my couch, I’ve been creating book layout sketches.

I’m not going to lie – this has been a tedious process. It also has forced me to view page layouts as part of a cohesive product.

Am I ready to take those sketches to the computer and start designing that book? Not quite.

Before I fire up my trusty Affinity Publisher, I want to take my publication design skills to a higher level than they’ve ever been before. That’s why I’m spending several hours with Ally Anderson, the lead instructor for Affinity Revolution’s Publisher for Beginners course.

So far, I’ve been quite impressed with the Affinity Revolution course, and I say this as someone with prior Publisher experience. Nothing like going back to the basics to round out your knowledge.

My final exam? It will be a fully designed version of my book.

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