Blogging My Book: Selecting the Photos

In last week’s post, I established my reputation as the meanest photo editor west of the San Pedro. In other words, I’ve been shooting thousands of photos for my book, but I’m only planning to include a few dozen.

What types of photos will be lucky enough to be granted admission by Mean Ole Martha? There are two types:

  1. Illustrative. These are the photos that will accompany the book’s narrative and have captions that elaborate on a theme that’s presented in the text.
  2. Wall Art. These are the “coffee table book” photos. They’re standalone pieces, and, quite frankly, they’re very easy to spot but take a lot of shooting to produce. Their captions will emphasize my artistic goals and the processes that went into image creation.

Wall art photos are the ones that I’m also planning to sell. I like to offer my wall art as metal prints that provide amazing depth and make those colors pop!

Also in the works:

  1. Calendars
  2. Greeting cards
  3. How-to materials, and I’m still thinking about how I should present them

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