Construction Photography

Construction Photography: Hillside Restoration

When you live on an eroding hillside, you’ve got a problem. Whenever it rains, valuable topsoil is being carried away.

This past Sunday, members of the Watershed Management Group’s co-op program were hard at work, restoring a homeowner’s hillside. The goal is to prevent erosion and stabilize the hillside so that native plants can grow on it. The plants were installed by WMG co-opers, and they will help shade and cool the property.

Like other WMG projects, this one involved a lot of gravel shoveling…

Construction Photography - Shoveling gravel to be used in a hillside restoration, Tucson, Arizona

We also had to sort our big rock pile into smaller wheelbarrow loads, then take those loads to where they were needed…

Construction Photography - Loading rocks to be used in a hillside restoration, Tucson, Arizona

Then the rocks were set into place on the hillside…

Construction Photography - Placing rocks on a hillside restoration, Tucson, Arizona

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