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Construction Photography: Katrina Plus Three

Just returned from another week of post-Katrina reconstruction in Mississippi. Although much appears to be back to normal, there’s still quite a bit of work to be done.

Take, for example, this house. Almost three years after the storm (local people rarely call it Katrina), the owners are still living in a trailer.

Construction photography - Drywall newly installed in Katrina-damaged house, Moss Point, Mississippi

Since drywalling is one of the final steps to completing a house, they should be able to move in soon.

When my work team wasn’t on the job, we were staying in Caswell Springs United Methodist Church, which is located in Wade, Mississippi…

Architectural Photography - Caswell Springs United Methodist Church sign

The church pastors and numerous members of the congregation saw to our every need — and I mean everything from hearty meals to hot showers and fresh towels. We were also welcome to roam the church property, which included a walkway out to Caswell Springs…

Architectural Photography - Walkway to Caswell Springs, Wade Mississippi

Nature photography - Caswell Springs, Wade, Mississippi

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