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Construction Photography: Solar Exterior Lighting

Although I’m a big fan of renewable energy, I’m not thrilled with the price tag. Take solar power, for example. The equipment and installation costs of a household photovoltaic system can run well into the five figures. Or higher. Yes, I know that there are rebates and tax credits, but you still have to front the money.

But my imperfect memory got me thinking about solar in a different way. I’m in the habit of turning my porch light on to give the front of this place some illumination. And sometimes I forget to turn it off in the morning. Which benefits the electric company.

So, I thought, why not let the Tucson’s abundant sunshine do the remembering for me? Enter the solar-powered exterior light, which is perched on the edge of the carport. Cost: $250.99 including shipping from Solar Illuminations.

This light’s on duty from dusk to dawn…

Construction Photography - solar exterior light mounted on carport

The unpainted spot is where my flagpole bracket used to be. I wanted that bracket lower to the ground so that I can fly Old Glory without having to scale a ladder.

Since my exterior lighting’s going off the grid, it’s time to lose that old porch light. Electrician Bryan Olson of O’Bryan Electric handles the removal…

Construction Photography - removing grid-tied exterior light

Since the flagpole bracket’s more accessible, it’s time to celebrate Energy Indepence Day…

Construction Photography - flying American flag in relocated flagpole holder

Note: The gray cap is where the porch light used to be.

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