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Construction Photography: Third Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Today is the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Although much attention had been paid to what happened to New Orleans, Katrina’s devastation covered several states.  And the reconstruction work still goes on. It will continue for several years.

I took this photo in Moss Point, Mississippi, last month…

Construction photography - Building permits, Moss Point, Mississippi

The owners of this house are living in the pink MEMA (Mississippi Emergency Management Agency) trailer that you can see in the background.

Unlike their FEMA counterparts, MEMA trailers are designed with a down home Southern look. There’s a sitting porch on the front, and they come fully furnished. Many Katrina survivors lost their furniture — along with all of their other possessions — during the storm.

The exteriors are painted in cheery colors, and I think this is deliberate. Depression has been a huge problem among Katrina survivors, and many of them have had trouble finding the motivation to move on with their lives.

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