Construction Photography

Construction Photography: Water Harvesting for Commercial Properties

Last month, Tucson became the first American city to require water harvesting for new commercial developments. The new city ordinance requires new developments to meet 50 percent of their landscaping water budget with water that falls on the property.

To show how the ordinance will work, the Ward One City Council Office is creating a public demonstration site. This project is being carried out by volunteers recruited by the Watershed Management Group (WMG). The first workshop was held this past Saturday.

If you’ve never been to a WMG workshop, get ready to get down in the dirt for some serious (but fun) work. This volunteer is laying a line of rocks that will reinforce a dirt berm. Such reinforcement is needed to prevent dirt washouts during heavy storms…

Construction photography - Reinforcing a dirt berm on a water harvesting site, Tucson, Arizona

Low-water use plants were also installed. This required soil preparation before planting…

Construction photography - Soil prep before planting begins on a water harvesting site, Tucson, Arizona

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