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Construction Photography: When Bad Things Happen on Rainy Days

While I was visiting family in Pennsylvania, the septic tank backed up. This happened while my mother was running the dishwasher.

The sight of icky liquid seeping into the house via the basement floor drain put Mom in a very bad mood. Did I mention that it was the day after Christmas and it was pouring rain outside?

Time to call the company that installed the Retallick family septic system more than 40 years ago, Hickman Sanitation. The owner of the company, Dave Hickman, came out to do the cleaning…

Construction photography - Septic tank cleaning in Westtown, Pennsylvania

The contents of the septic tank pretty well filled up his truck. So, time to head back to the Hickman Sanitation world headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and do a transfer to a bigger tank…

Construction photography - Driving sanitation tanker truck in Westtown, Pennsylvania

If you’ve ever wanted to have the road to yourself, do what Dave does and drive a honeywagon. I guarantee that you won’t get tailgated or cut off. Not to mention the fact that no car will stay alongside you.

And it’s not because your vehicle smells bad. If you know what you’re doing, it won’t. (The Hickmans have been in the sanitation business for over 100 years, so they know how to handle the, ummm, stuff.)

Now we come to the final photo in this septic saga. Time to transfer the honeywagon’s contents to a bigger tank…

Construction photography - Emptying sanitation tanker truck in Pennsylvania

Once that task was completed, it was back to the Retallick residence so Dave could clean the seepage pit. After that was done, the Retallick household was a much more cheerful place. After all, when Momma’s not happy, no one else is happy.

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