Copywriting Website Wins 2nd Place in Tucson Showcase

Yesterday evening, I entered my copywriting website into the Tucson WordPress Meetup’s annual showcase . And it won 2nd place in the Best Presentation category!

Here’s a summary of my presentation:

In 2015, I worked with an Atlanta-based web developer on a mobile-responsive redesign. We launched last April.

Since this is a business website, it has work to do. Its primary job is to sell my copywriting services.

So, what’s a copywriter?

The simple answer is: I write for business. I write the words that you see on websites and in printed materials like brochures. You can see examples on the Western Sky portfolio page.

Okay, that’s it for my site’s first job. Now, let’s talk about its second job, which is selling my photography. Excuse the pun, but I’d like to focus on my blog to explain how this is done.

The blog has more than 400 photography posts. Its sidebar has links to my two photo portfolio sites and a pitch to photo editors.

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