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Event Photography: Downtown Parade of Lights

Here in Tucson, we love our offbeat parades. Take, for example, the annual Downtown Parade of Lights. If there’s a theme, it’s "Things That Have Lights On Them." And that covers a lot of territory.

The 13th edition of this parade included a collection of vintage police and fire vehicles, the public library’s Bookmobile, a moving company’s truck hauling full-sized Christmas tree, a mail delivery van, and…

…a City of Tucson trash truck!

Event photography - Trash truck in Tucson's 13th Annual Downtown Parade of Lights

But, as the late-night informercials say, "That’s not all!"

We were also treated to an Arizona Department of Transportation truck with a "Let It Snow" poster on the back. (‘Tis the season, all right. The high country’s been getting snow for several days.) Then there was the motorcycle cop who showed off his no-hands riding skills — for all of two seconds. And let’s not forget…


Event photography - Scooter in Tucson's 13th Annual Downtown Parade of Lights

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