Event Photography

Event Photography: Fall 2008 Bicycle Swap Meet

This past Saturday, thousands of bicyclists converged on Fourth Avenue near Downtown Tucson.

While many of the two-wheeled legions rode to the semi-annual Bicycle Swap Meet, there was more looking than riding. With so many people gathered in one place, it was hard to get more than a couple of pedal strokes in. Besides, there were too many interesting bicycles to admire. Let’s start with this 1938 Mead Ranger…

Bicycle Photography - Vintage bike at Tucson bicycle swap meet

Or maybe your taste runs more toward bicycle parts sculpture…

Bicycle Photography - Bike part sculpture at Tucson bicycle swap meet

Or, perhaps, you came in search of slightly used tires for your mountain bike…

Bicycle Photography - Used bike tires at Tucson bicycle swap meet

Mix performance art with sewing, throw in a pedal- or solar-powered Singer, add some original music, and you have P.Nosa. And did I mention that he does requests? Tell him what comes to mind, he’ll be off and sewing…

Event photography: P. Nosa at Tucson bicycle swap meet

Uh-oh, does this guy have a death wish?

Bicycle Photography - Hitching a trolley ride at Tucson bicycle swap meet

I’m pleased to report that the above is not the last photo of this man seen alive. But, please folks, don’t try this yourself. Hitching rides by hanging onto motorized vehicles is not smart.

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