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Event Photography: Football from the Stands

Event photography - Michigan Stadium after a touchdown

Alert readers will note that the above photo was not taken at this past Saturday’s Michigan-Ohio State football game in Ann Arbor. We didn’t get any touchdowns in that one, which the Buckeyes won (again) by a score of 14-3. Oh, well. With a new coach and a revitalized team, we may just get ’em next year.

The photo was actually from last month’s Michigan-Purdue game, which we won, 48-21. Although I didn’t score one of those coveted "M Photo" vests that the on-field shooters wear, I had an enjoyable afternoon of capturing the action from the stands.

Part of the challenge of shooting from the stands is that you’re probably not going to get good images of the on-field action. You’re just too far away. This is especially true in Michigan Stadium, where the playing field is the equivalent of one floor below the bottom row of seating.

I’ve found that it’s best to keep my camera focused on what’s happening in the stands while letting the "M Photo" people catch the game action.

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