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Event Photography: The Solar Society

Here in Tucson, we have an ample supply of sunshine. Which means that we can harness that natural energy and put it to good use.

I’m part of a small group called The Solar Society. It’s made up of people who want to develop and build devices that use solar power for home use. Examples would be electricity generation, hot water, solar cookers, and solar powered water pumps.

This past Sunday, we were treated to a photovoltaic soldering demo, courtesy of Bryan the electrician…

Construction photography - Soldering demo at meeting of the Solar Society, Tucson, Arizona

Unfortunately, the materials weren’t very cooperative, so this turned out to be the demo that wasn’t. Oh, well. Looks like it’s time for a solar-cooked lunch…

Event photography - Solar cookery in Tucson, Arizon

Learn more about the Solar Society.

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