Event Photography

Event Photography: Tucson Folk Festival 2008

"Diamond" Jim Hewitt is a musician, music producer, and web applications developer from Oracle, Arizona. He periodically sends e-mails announcing upcoming gigs. The last one included a promo of his Tucson Folk Festival appearance, and it ended with admonition, "Be there or be trapezoidal!"

How could I refuse an invitation like that?

Jim was playing with the Blue Prairie Dogs, a group that has been together for around 15 years. The Dogs play family-friendly Western music, and they filled the "house" at the Folk Festival’s outdoor Museum of Art Stage.

Event photography - Guitarist Cactus Dan Oved (left) with fiddler Diamond Jim Hewitt at Tucson Folk Festival 2008

Guitarist "Cactus" Dan Oved (left) with fiddler "Diamond" Jim Hewitt (right)

Event photography - Bassist Doc Whitmore at Tucson Folk Festival 2008

Bassist Doc Whitmore

Event photography - Diamond Jim playing mandolin at Tucson Folk Festival 2008

"Diamond" Jim Hewitt on mandolin

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