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Event Photography: Watershed Management Group Earth Month

Throughout this month, Tucson’s Watershed Management Group has been celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. WMG’s Earth Month celebration included a block party, street painting, a bike tour of water harvesting sites, and several workshops.

The last two Earth Month workshops were held in my neighborhood. A nearby neighbor had a culvert cistern installed, while the action in my yard focused on tuning up the earthworks.

After the WMG volunteers enlarged a water harvesting basin in my front yard, it was time to move the hesperaloe, which I had planted in a shady spot.

My bad.

Hesperaloes are xeriscape plants that need full sun. So, let’s give it a new home near the driveway. Plenty of sunshine there…

Event photography - transplanting hesperaloe during Watershed Management Workshop, Tucson, Arizona

I must say that, as of this morning, the hesperaloe appears to be thriving.

Elsewhere on the front yard xeriscaping project WMG’s Matthew Bertrand (right) and Charlie, the go-to guy for any stone masonry work, measure the slope of the drainage they’ve built at the edge of the enlarged water harvesting basin…

Event photography - measuring drainage slope during Watershed Management Workshop, Tucson, Arizona

The drainage will direct excess basin water into the rock garden that Matthew’s standing on.

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