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Graphic Design: Professional Science Master’s Degree Program Logo

On this project, I worked with Sheila Tobias, a Tucson-based educational consultant who wrote the best-selling book, Overcoming Math Anxiety. Sheila collaborated with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to establish the Professional Science Master’s degree program.

The Science Master’s is an M.S. degree that prepares students for work in fields such as consulting, banking, insurance, research management, and technology transfer. There are currently 210 programs at 99 institutions.

The PSM logo was used on the website (for which I provided design services during 2000-2005) and on PSM program websites. It was also used in a wide variety of printed materials, including brochures, stationery, postcards, tee shirts, mouse pads, and posters that were displayed at a Congressional reception on Capitol Hill.

Graphic Design: Professional Science Master's Degree Program Logo

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