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Graphic Design: Promoting a New Graduate Degree

Remember when going to college meant leaving your home and job to study on a faraway campus? Nowadays, college can come to you. It’s as simple as logging on to your computer and enrolling in a distance degree program.

Established with a $2.06 million gift from University of Arizona alumni David and Edith Lowell, the Lowell Master of Engineering in Mineral Resources is a distance degree for the global minerals industry. Enrollment is open to students from all over the world. Courses are taught by university professors, industry professionals, and senior executives of major companies.

Most of the Lowell MEng coursework will be offered online via two-way video lectures and on-demand content. Additional short courses will be taught on the University of Arizona campus.

I worked with UA Mining and Geological Engineering Department Head Mary Poulton to produce printable and e-mailable materials that will promote this new degree program. Here’s the promotional flyer:

Graphic Design: Student Recruiting Materials

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