Photo Essay: Euclid Avenue, Tucson, Arizona

Euclid Avenue isn’t one of Tucson’s glamorous thoroughfares. It’s a workmanlike street that takes you past apartment complexes, strip shopping centers, schools, and sturdy little houses, some of which are a century old.

While much of central Tucson’s transportation improvement efforts are centering on the Grant Road widening project, Euclid is still, well, Euclid. No improvements for the foreseeable future. Here’s how things look just south of Grant Road:

Foreclosures are quite prevalent. Here are the leftovers from the plant sale that a family held before vacating their rental house. The now-empty house is just west of Euclid…

Photo essays - Plant sale leftovers on foreclosed property, Tucson, Arizona

I couldn’t figure this one out. Usually, when a sidewalk heaves like this, it’s because of a tree root. But there’s no tree east of this location…

Photo essays - Sidewalk heaves, Tucson, Arizona

Just south of Grant Road, Euclid ceases to be a major thoroughfare. It curves westward into First Avenue, and the first major intersection is First and Grant.

For many years, First and Grant had gas stations on two corners. A third one opened on the northwest corner, and that proved to be too much for the Shell station on the southeast corner.

All that remains are a boarded up convenience store and pumps, and a fence around the property…

Photo essays - Fence surrounding vacant gas station, Tucson, Arizona

The fence has proven to be a great magnet for blowing trash…

Photo essays - Trash at fence surrounding vacant gas station, Tucson, Arizona

The fence was also quite heavily used during Arizona’s 2010 statewide elections. It was covered with campaign signs, and some were not removed after Election Day.

The sign below promotes the re-election of Governor Jan Brewer, and yes, she won. Time to do some cleanup in Tucson, Governor…

Photo essays - Election signs by fence surrounding vacant gas station, Tucson, Arizona

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