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Photography Workshop: Downtown Tucson

This past Saturday, a handful of photographers met outside of the Downtown Main Library. We’re all members of the Tucson Photography Meetup group, and we’re always up for a chance to improve our skills.

Our instructor was Roger D., who gave us a series of assignments to tackle. These included three studies in motion:

  1. Freezing a moving car while keeping the background sharp.
  2. Freezing the background and blurring the car.
  3. And a test of our camera panning skills: Keeping the car kept relatively sharp with the background blurred.

Here’s what I turned in for the panning study…

Photography Workshop: Panning study in Downtown Tucson, Arizona

Then it was over to City Hall for some photographic attempts at freezing water. Or showing it in motion…

Photography Workshop: Water study in Downtown Tucson, Arizona

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