Bee in Santa Rita Prickly Pear Cactus Flower


As an avid bee photographer, I can tell you that keeping a respectful distance is the key to working around these stinging insects. The Santa Rita prickly pear cactus posed an additional challenge. I wanted to get close to the flower so I could frame it and the bee, but not have an unfortunate encounter with the cactus thorns.

LOCATION: Tucson, Arizona

WHAT WILL YOU RECEIVE? Prepare to be amazed by a Chromaluxe gloss print on metal. This special technology adds extra depth to the image and makes colors pop. Due to the thickness of the metal and its rigid backing, your print won’t require framing. Your print will be backed by 6mm PVC and utilize a museum mount that floats the image 1.25” out from the wall. It also can easily be cleaned.

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