Black-Seeded Simpson Looseleaf Lettuce



During the winter months, Arizona is America’s salad bowl. If you’re in the Northeast or the Midwest and you’re enjoying a salad during January, odds are good that the lettuce came from a farm in the Colorado River valley. At my place, I grow my own wintertime lettuce. Harvesting is as easy as going outside and using a pair of scissors to snip as many leaves as I need.

LOCATION: Tucson, Arizona

WHAT WILL YOU RECEIVE? Prepare to be amazed by a Chromaluxe gloss metal print that adds extra depth to the image and makes colors pop. Your print won’t require framing and can easily be cleaned. It will be backed by 6mm PVC and utilize a museum mount that floats the image out from the wall.

GOT A QUESTION? Send me an email at or text or call me at 520-690-1888.

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