City Nature


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In City Nature, I’ll introduce you to my ornery desert plants and the opinionated birds that decided that my place is the perfect venue for nesting and raising young, I’ll share my gardening triumphs and tragedies, and I’ll explain how I capture it all through a lens.

But this is so much more than a nature-themed coffee table book. The word “project” is one of my all-time favorites, and you’ll find a lot of them in City Nature. Among other things, I’ll show you how to harvest and grind mesquite tree pods into flour, and I share my favorite mesquite cookie recipe.

I am also a passionate upcycler. And what is upcycling? It’s the act of repurposing worthy objects in ways that are useful or artistic. In City Nature, I will show you my favorite upcycling project. It involves a used chandelier – and my garden.

City Nature concludes with a list of suggested resources that encompasses books, websites, organizations, and businesses that will help you learn more about desert gardening, landscaping, and water conservation.


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