Purple Coneflower



Time to venture out of the woods and into the light. Purple coneflower thrives in poor or lean soil, but it needs at least six hours of sunshine. This pollinator-friendly plant is like a magnet for bees, butterflies, and photographers. I was especially captivated by the geometric pattern of the center cone and the brilliant purple petals.

LOCATION: Westtown, Pennsylvania

WHAT WILL YOU RECEIVE? Prepare to be amazed by a Chromaluxe gloss metal print that adds extra depth to the image and makes colors pop. Your print won’t require framing and can easily be cleaned. It will be backed by 6mm PVC and utilize a museum mount that floats the image out from the wall.

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike all of the other Fine Art Photographic Prints, this one is printed in a vertical, rather than horizontal format.

GOT A QUESTION? Send me an email at info@westernskycommunications.com or text or call me at 520-690-1888.

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