Pics look great, Martha! Thank you! Hope to do music “business” again with you soon!

Russell Bartlett, Groundswell Music

What great info in your newsletter! Thank you for including us.

Angelo Romeo, Romeo Tree Service

Thanks so much, Martha! Your photos are fabulous and will go a long way in helping us communicate about the Arundo work!

Eliza Stokes, Watershed Management Group

You did an excellent job as a photographer at my daughter’s wedding. Photos were beautiful and so casual. You made her day special. Thank you.

Patty G.

Always enjoy your newsletter and photos, Martha. Thank you.

Gregory Sweet, Actor, Model, Voice Artist

Lady, I am absolutely fascinated how you creatively express yourself. Martha, you make me smile.

William Bontrager, WillMaster.com

Hi Martha… these [newsletters] always brighten my day and this one was especially bright. Thank you.

Dale Dauten, Lumina Corporation

I was so happy to have you work on this [newsletter]! Hopefully there will be another occasion very soon.

Mary Scanlon, Ember Design LLC

[A longtime client] super complimented my newsletter in an email and in a phone conversation. I told her it was your magic touch.

Sandra Kay Helsel, Ph.D., Communication Strategist

You are so on top of things! Thanks again for being so great!

Kera Drake, Davidson Belluso

You really were such a valuable asset in this project, Martha! BRAVO!!!

Leslie Perls, LP&G Marketing

You are so awesome!! You are a champion and never let me down. Love having you on my team.

Linda Fahey, Dark Horse Media

I went through several of your pieces. You’re really good. Not many people can cover such a wide range of topics and do it well. Your writing is clear and engaging, easy to read and easy to understand. You have real talent.

Eric Van Meter, Business Communication Strategist

Martha writes circles around our other writers, and they’re teachers!

Martha’s friendly, fresh conversational tone engages readers, and she has the rare ability to simplify complicated scientific concepts and translate legalese into regular English. Her job is not easy even though she makes it seem so. We have a lot of requirements in our writing including scripting video clips, writing questions, and relating personal anecdotal experiences.

Martha is enthusiastic about all her projects, and has never missed a deadline. She uses authoritative research sources and organizes the material so it flows smoothly.

Other members of the team practically fight to work on Martha’s projects because they enjoy the consistent high-quality writing that Martha produces for us, and since she does such a good job, it makes everyone’s jobs easier from start to finish.

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