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Travel Photography: Arizona Biodiversity

While outsiders think that Arizona is nothing but dry, barren desert, we residents know better. This state has a surprising amount of biodiversity.

Take, for example, our riparian areas. Here’s an impressive stand of cottonwoods growing near the banks of the Hassayampa River, which doesn’t flow during dry seasons like the one we’re having now….

Nature photography - Cottonwoods near Hassayampa River, Arizona

Moving away from the river valley to higher ground, we find ourselves in a classic Arizona landscape. This shot’s from the edge of Vulture Mine Road, which is west of Wickenburg…

Nature photography - Desert view from Vulture Mine Road near Wickenburg, Arizona

On to the nearby Vulture Mine. This mine yielded $200 million worth of gold and silver before the U.S. government closed it in 1942. It’s estimated that two to three times this amount is still waiting to be mined.

The Vulture Roost store caters to visiting tourists, and I’d have to say that the proprietor has some interesting tastes in decor…

Travel photography - Vulture Roost store at Vulture Mine near Wickenburg, Arizona

I spotted these mining relics just outside the entrance to the Vulture Roost…

Travel photography - Mining relics at Vulture Roost store at Vulture Mine near Wickenburg, Arizona

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