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Travel Photography: Blizzard Arrives

Eastern Pennsylvania’s Christmas weekend blizzard came in with a vengeance. The bitterly cold winds and driving snow got my attention in a hurry. I had to go outside and investigate.

First lesson: Avoid looking north into the wind, because it bites. Hard…

Travel photography - Blurry, wind-driven snow in Westtown, Pennsylvania

This was a lesson that our family’s super-smart border collie mix took to heart in a hurry. Sandy wasn’t happy heading north, and the southerly direction was only slightly less amusing…

Travel photography - Dog in snowstorm, Westtown, Pennsylvania

Second lesson: During a snowstorm, you pretty much have the outdoor world to yourself. Not much traffic coming in or out of this driveway…

Travel photography - Snow-covered driveway, Westtown, Pennsylvania

Then came the snowplow. On this trip, it wasn’t plowing. Instead, it was coming around to brine the roads…

Travel photography - Snowplow in Westtown, Pennsylvania

As blizzards go, this one was a bit of a letdown. Snow accumulation totaled less than six inches. However, Philadelphia and New York really got hammered.

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