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Travel Photography: Southern Cemeteries

Looking for something interesting to do while visiting a small Southern town? Well, how about a walk around the cemetery?

Travel photography - Church cemetery, Wade, Mississippi

Yes, it will be quiet, and you may well be the only live person there, but, oh, the stories. Some people’s lives just read like a good book. Take, for example, this rockin’ Army veteran who served with the local sheriff’s department…

Travel photography - Headstone, Wade, Mississippi

You’ll also find yourself asking a lot of questions. You’ll see a headstone with birth and death dates in the same week and wonder what happened to that baby. Then there’s that headstone with a photo of a smiling teenager. Was it a car crash? Drugs? Or something else?

You’ll also see the impromptu memorials next to the headstones — lots of them…

Travel photography - Angel and flowers in cemetery, Wade, Mississippi

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