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Travel Photography: Take the Long Way Home

My holiday plans were simple: Go back to Pennsylvania to visit the family for Christmas and New Year.  Since I live in Arizona, such a plan involves air travel. And, to put it mildly, the 2008-2009 holiday travel season has been hellacious.

My flight from Tucson to Chicago reached Chicago airspace as a major snowstorm was raging. We circled for so long that the plane ran low on fuel and had to be diverted to Omaha. And ours wasn’t the only flight that was so affected…

Travel photography - Grounded planes in Omaha, Nebraska

Other than watching the ground crew refuel, there wasn’t much to do…

Travel photography - Refueling a plane in Omaha, Nebraska

So, I decided to get up and go for a walk. But, alas, I was barred from going outside for a stretch on the jet stairs. Safety reasons, said Gary the flight attendant…

Travel photography - No exit during a refueling stop in Omaha, Nebraska

Oh, well.

After the refueling was done, we headed up to Chicago. Where it was still snowing…

Travel photography - Snowplows and planes at Chicago Midway Airport, Illinois

Which led to a mandatory de-icing session before my Philadelphia flight could take off…

Travel photography - De-icing a plane at Chicago Midway Airport, Illinois

My arrival in Philadelphia was five hours later than scheduled. But the family was waiting to greet me. Much fun and more photography followed.

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