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Travel Photography: Vermont Ramblings

My two previous posts covered Vermont’s annual fall color extravaganza and the impact of a (we hope) once-in-a-lifetime disaster. Time to look at some other aspects of the Green Mountain State.

My visit to Vermont coincided with the peak of the fall colors. It also rained just about every day that I was in the state.

Any kind of rainfall acts like a natural tree-shaker. Meaning that all those pretty leaves end up on the ground, as they did at the Vermont State House in Montpelier…

Travel photography - Fall colors at State House, Montpelier, Vermont

I guess it was the recency of Tropical Storm Irene, but just about every visitor to the State House grounds had to stop and read this plaque. I stretched my arm as far as it would go, but I still couldn’t touch the high water mark. That’s about six feet of stretching…

Travel photography - 1927 Flood high water mark at State House, Montpelier, Vermont

On to Middlebury, home of one of the finest liberal arts colleges in the country. My Aunt Jean is a proud graduate of Middlebury College and she just had to show the place off. We took an all-day trip just to see the campus…

Travel photography - Middlebury College campus, Vermont

Yes, those are rain clouds (again), and no, they didn’t hold off until the afternoon. My Middlebury photo shoot was a short one…

Travel photography - Middlebury College campus, Vermont

Did you build forts when you were a kid? So did I. But I’ll bet our forts weren’t as stylish as these natural branch sculptures on the Middlebury campus…

Travel photography - Middlebury College campus, Vermont

One of the cool things about visiting family is that you get to do everything with them. And I do mean everything.

My arrival coincided with Aunt Jean’s weekly trip to the dump. So that’s what we did. Welcome to Dump Street in Stowe, Vermont…

Travel photography - Entrance to the dump, Stowe, Vermont

Not only is the Stowe dump the proper place to leave trash and recyclables (see below), it’s a wonderful place to find free stuff. According to Jean, it’s a great source of housewares and “good clothes — amazing clothes.”

Travel photography - Recycling at the dump, Stowe, Vermont

Vermont Cultural Tip: Broadcasting from Jean’s home town of Waterbury, radio station WDEV offers a Saturday morning program called “Music to Go to the Dump By.”

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