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Website Design: DNA Research Database

April 2015 update: This website is no longer online. is home to an internationally renowned database for DNA researchers. Based at the University of Arizona’s BIO5 Institute, ChromDB includes information on more than 11,000 proteins from plants, animals, fungi, and other organisms.

The website’s research team wanted a new look and logo for the site. Since this is a database-driven site, its pages are dynamically generated. So, my job was to build templates that would work with the database output.

After the redesigned ChromDB website went live, database administrator Karla Gendler said, “We are very happy with the looks of it. There are still some features that we are going to add but I’m just happy that I don’t have to worry about website design anymore!”

The project’s director, BIO5 Research Professor Carolyn Napoli, added, “For the first time in about six years, ChromDB has a sleek, informative and pleasing look to it.”

Web Design: International DNA Research Database

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