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Website Design: Financial Investigations

Do you have some old stock certificates laying around the house? Well, don’t throw them away! They could be worth a lot of money.

Stock Search International has helped investors recover millions of dollars from old stocks and bonds thought to be worthless.  This Tucson-based company has been a Web design client since the late 1990s, and they recently returned for a website redesign.

This redesign wasn’t as drastic as some I’ve done. What was needed was a recoding of the existing site so that it meets Web Standards. The new version downloads much faster than its predecessor, and that was one of our goals.

We also wanted to make the home page work for visitors who are in a hurry. In just a few seconds, they can see what Stock Search is and does, then choose from one of the company’s three services:

  1. The Database of Companies No Longer Listed. This unique research tool features more than 40,000 fully updated reports and includes information on stock splits, stock dividends, name changes, mergers, acquisitions, availability of funds and contacts to initiate recoveries.
  2. Initiate New Research. You’ll be in good hands with Stock Search because they track down 97% of the companies they investigate. In fact, their reports are recognized by both the Internal Revenue Service and the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  3. Historical Market Quotes. Stock Search provides historical stock market quotes to establish the cost basis of investments for tax purposes.

Although many site owners try to think of ways to keep visitors glued to their site, I think this is a losing battle. People have lots of other things to do besides spending hours on a website. It’s up to us as Web designers to help visitors accomplish their goals as quickly as possible.

Web Design: Financial Investigations by Stock Search International

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