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Website Redesign: Math and Science Education Consultant

February 2022 update: After the July 2021 death of the client, this website went offline.

Longtime client Sheila Tobias has made an art and a science of being an outsider to science and mathematics. Hers is a household name for books like Overcoming Math Anxiety, which is still in print more than 30 years after publication. She’s also the author of They’re not Dumb, They’re Different, Breaking the Science Barrier, and Rethinking Science as a Career.

In conjunction with the release of her latest book, Science Teaching as a Profession, I redesigned her website. The new site provides information about her math and science education research and consulting, and lists her presentation topics. It also conforms to Web Standards.

Here is a before-and-after look at Sheila Tobias’ site

Previous version

Website Design - previous version of Sheila Tobias site

Redesigned site:

Website Design - redesigned version of Sheila Tobias site

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