Architectural Photography

Architectural Photography: West Chester, Pennsylvania

I grew up outside of West Chester, Pennsylvania. It’s where I first learned to be a photographer.

After lo these many years of slinging a camera, it was nice to go back and see the old town through fresh eyes. Let’s take a look at a couple of notable landmarks along High Street.

This bell used to hang in the bell tower of the Church of the Holy Trinity…

Architectural photography - Bell outside Church of the Holy Trinity, West Chester, Pennsylvania

The church was constructed of local serpentine stone after the Civil War. The bell tower was taken down during the late 20th century.

Further up High Street, there’s this ahead-of-its-time high rise office building…

Architectural photography - Old high rise at the intersection of High and Market Streets, West Chester, Pennsylvania

When I was growing up, this place had a bit of reputation. On more than one occasion, pieces of the building would fall to the sidewalk below. To the best of my recollection, no pedestrians were ever injured.

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