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Bicycle Photography: El Tour de Tucson 2009

If you’re a bike-tographer like I am, El Tour de Tucson draws you like a magnet.

This annual event goes around the perimeter of Tucson and attracts cyclists from all over the world. I didn’t ride in this year’s El Tour, but I went Downtown to photograph the finishers. And to indulge in some artsiness…

Bicycle photography - riders and shadows at the finish of the 2009 El Tour de Tucson

Some, like these guys, treat El Tour like a race and go flat-out for 110 miles…

Bicycle photography - riders completing the 2009 El Tour de Tucson, Arizona

Other riders treat El Tour more casually, taking the better part of a day to finish it. But, regardless of your speed, if you complete El Tour, you get a medal…

Bicycle photography - riders receiving their 2009 El Tour de Tucson finisher medals

After you finish El Tour de Tucson, there’s nothing like a phone call to tell everyone all about it…

Bicycle photography -El Tour de Tucson 2009 finisher makes a post-ride phone call outside the Pima County Public Library Downtown branch

Tip: These and other El Tour de Tucson photos have just been added to my Bicycle Stock Images site.

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