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Tucson photographer launches stock photo site

Tucson, AZ – Martha Retallick, local photographer, community activist, and volunteer, just launched a stock photo website for ad agencies, photo editors, businesses, and organizations. features photos of the bike culture, including bicycle racing, bicycle touring, utilitarian cycling, and artistic close-ups of bicycles, bike tools, and bike parts. A practitioner of “bike-tography,” Retallick, who doesn’t own a car, travels to Tucson-area photo shoots on her bicycle.

The site includes shots from the semi-annual Bicycle Swap Meet on 4th Avenue, a criterium race around the UA campus, and the free valet bicycle parking that the city’s Department of Transportation provides at major events.

An avid cyclist for 30 years, Retallick pedaled through all of the United States between 1980 and 1992 with her trusty Nikon. Her travels provided a first-hand look at the diversity of the American landscape and its people.

Who will use Retallick’s stock photography? Ad agencies who might want images to go with a client’s campaign. Photo editors who might want event photos for a feature on Things to Do in Tucson, Arizona. Companies and organizations, such as those in the bicycle industry. Or Tucson organizations looking for someone to cover upcoming special events. Or consumers.

Visitors to can search its online database of photos, and purchase photographic prints, royalty-free images, and personal use downloads.

Bicycle Stock Images, a project of Western Sky Communications, is an Arizona-based business owned and operated by Martha Retallick.

Retallick is affiliated with the following Tucson organizations: 

  • El Cortez Heights Neighborhood Association
  • Eller College Associates, Eller College of Management at The University of Arizona
  • Watershed Management Group Green Living Co-op

Contact Information:

Western Sky Communications
Post Office Box 43161
Tucson, Arizona 85733
Phone: (520) 690-1888

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