Blogging My Book: After Editing

Now that the editor is finished with my book manuscript, what am I doing? Here’s a process-oriented post to explain.

First agenda item is to review the editor’s feedback. She’s a real stickler for grammar, punctuation, and small, easy-to-miss items like extra spaces between words and sentences. Color me impressed – I’m more of a writer than an editor, so I really need her help.

Second item? Actually making the changes that she made in the manuscript I sent her. My editor spent a month with that manuscript, and let’s just say that she offered plenty of feedback. During this step, I’m working slowly and carefully. Even so, I know that I am missing things – it’s part of being human.

That’s why item three is so important. This is the double-checking step, and, oops! There are some edits that managed to sneak by me. Here’s my opportunity to incorporate those edits into my manuscript.

The next step? Making a printout of the entire manuscript and filing them in a blue notebook. I’m calling it the Blue Book and it will come in handy when it’s time to start designing the book.

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