Blogging My Book: Buyer Personas, Part 2

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m planning on selling my book online. So, I just completed Startup Tucson’s eCommerce Masterclass. Among other things, the instructors assigned me the task of creating buyer personas.

As I see it, a buyer persona is a brief sketch of a potential book purchaser. These personas will guide what I say in sales copy, news releases, media interviews, and while I’m just plain talking to people!

I’ve created a total of 10 buyer personas, and I introduced the first five last week. Here are the final five:

  1. Lori Localist may be a Local First Arizona member like I am, or she’s an avid user of the organization’s website search function and looks for the LFA logo at the businesses she encounters while she’s out and about. She may also be passionate about buying products made in the USA.

  2. Photo Bob and Camera Betty are all about improving their work. They’re avid buyers of photography books because they’re seeking ideas and inspiration that will help them in their own practice. I want to create a helpful book that they’ll be proud to own.

  3. Sustainable Sam isn’t just into sustainability, it’s his life. He’s very aware of concepts like food miles and his own dietary choices. He’s also concerned about sustainability as it applies to living in a desert climate. If he hasn’t started rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling, he’s very interested in learning more about it. I’m looking forward to showing Sam how it’s done.

  4. Sunny Southwest may live in the American Southwest, or she may love this region from afar. She’s an avid purchaser of all things Southwestern, including books.

  5. Team Tucson members are like Lori Localist on steroids. They support the home team all day and every day, and being a Tucson-based business is not enough. Made in Tucson is what they’re looking for.

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