Blogging My Book: Now what?

Looks like my book manuscript will be at the editor’s office until early April. She told me that she’ll be taking her time and doing a thorough edit, and I’m good with that.

So, now what?

I’ll sum things up in one word: Bookification.

If you’ve been following this blog series since I started it on September 7, it’s been “All book! All the time!”

That’s the “Posts” side of this website. Over on the “Pages” side, you’d hardly know that I’m working on a book.

Time for an update.

Now, how does a writer update the writing on her writing and photography site? Here’s my low-tech, 5-step system:

  1. I go through all the pages on my site and flag the ones that need new copy. What’s the software application for this step? There is none. I’m simply making notes in my unbelievably bad handwriting.
  2. Yeesh. That handwriting. I can only put up with it for so long. Time to take those sheets of scratch paper over to the computer and digitize the notes.
  3. When an idea occurs to me, I snag it. That thing is getting digitized into those notes.
  4. I share those notes with my mentor. I want her feedback on where I’m going with these new web pages, and I’m more than willing to incorporate her ideas into my copy.
  5. Finally, it’s copywriting time. This is the step that the public will see on the Western Sky Communications site, and I want to make that copy GOOD.

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