Blogging My Book: Teamwork

Three posts ago, I talked about the process of marrying my book’s words with the pictures.

I’m pleased to report that they’re officially married and off on their honeymoon. Where are they spending it? At the editor’s office.

You’ve met the editor before – last October, I introduced you to her. As mentioned previously, she is a real stickler for proper word usage and impeccable grammar. She catches things that I didn’t think were problems – and I’m glad she’s so detail oriented.

Matter of fact, she’s detail oriented to the point where she’s going to take a whole month to edit my manuscript, which includes captions that explain the photos and my photographic process. I’m good with that because I need to start wrapping my mind around something else.

What is that something else? It’s the teamwork concept. For most of its existence, this book project has lived inside my head.

Now it’s time to bring others on board, and this effort has involved everything from sharing screenshots of my online gallery for the book photos to a bit of stage management during review sessions. I had to guide one reviewer through the process of keeping our Zoom session going on her tablet while having my manuscript files open on her laptop and using her phone to view the photos that are noted in the manuscript.

Meanwhile, I was running Zoom on my laptop while keeping the manuscript files and the online gallery up on my desktop computer. Whew! That’s a total of five devices between two people.

Before long, I’m going to be meeting with my printer, and that’s going to bring an entirely different dimension to the project. Since I’m the book designer, it’s my job to create a file that the printer can print. That will require a lot of communication, and I’m looking forward to it.

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