Blogging My Book: Thinking Like a Designer

Good news! My book’s photo selection process is almost done.

Is it time to don the party hats and break out the noisemakers? Not yet.

The photos that made it through those multiple rounds of selection still have to fit into a larger book layout. They also need introductory copy and captions.

In short, there’s still a lot of work to be done before it’s party time.

Now that I have a set of photos that I can work with, I need to figure out how they are going to be placed. Take, for example, a photo with leading lines from the lower left to the upper right. This is a photo that belongs on a left-hand page because leading lines should guide the viewer toward the center of a two-page spread.

So, which photo should go on the facing page? The answer is easy: A photo with leading lines from the lower right to the upper left.

But which photo? Not such an easy question to answer, because the two photos on this spread need to make sense when placed next to each other, and the entire two-page layout needs to be pleasing to the eye.

Ah, design. It raises so many questions.

I’ll keep posting on my process of answering them.

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