Website Design

Website Design: DNA Research Database

April 2015 update: This website is no longer online. is home to an internationally renowned database for DNA researchers. Based at the University of Arizona’s BIO5 Institute, ChromDB includes information on more than 11,000 proteins from plants, animals, fungi, and other organisms. The website’s research team wanted a new look and logo for the…

Website Design: Law Firm Marketing

March 2019 update: This website is no longer online. Got a call from Dee Schiavelli earlier this week. Dee is a consultant who helps lawyers, accountants and other professional providers develop effective marketing strategies for their practices. I helped Dee build her website last year, and she needed some training in how to update it….

Website Design: Saluting Feminist Lawyers

September 2015 update: This website is no longer online. When I was a first-grader I had a fabulous teacher. I owe my love of reading to that lady, because she taught me how. Toward the end of the school year, she made an announcement that disappointed the whole class. She said that she wasn’t coming…

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